What Would You Say... You Do Here?

We Provide The Exposure You Need To Drive Sales And Grow Your Business

R.J. Walker & Co. is a public relations consultancy that offers both strategy and execution.

We are founded on a simple premise: that every company – no matter how large or how small – should have the opportunity to tell their story to the world. With a focus on efficiency and a commitment to driving sales, we help our clients get the exposure they need to grow. In short, we help small companies become mid-sized companies, and mid-sized companies become big companies.

Our business model is simple and you can work with us in a few different ways:

Traditional PR


Personalized service, low overhead costs, and a commitment to efficiency - we only spend time on projects that actually move the needle. In short, you run your business while we get the word out.

Recommended for clients with little to no PR experience, who are just starting out and are uncomfortable with writing pitches, press releases, and speaking with the media.

Prices are based on estimated number of hours.



Training, templates, and resources to ensure your PR efforts are on the right track. We give you the tools and the counsel, you do the heavy lifting. Includes consultations and document editing.

Recommended for clients who have some experience with marketing and public relations, are confident in their writing ability, and just want a second set of eyes.

Available as a one-time fee; prices vary depending on training and number of templates; ongoing counsel available as needed.

A La Carte PR


Access to marketing and PR counsel when you need it. Just need help with a press release, a pitch, an Op-Ed, or a digital audit? Whatever you need, this option is designed for ultimate flexibility.

Recommended for clients who are not ready for a large PR push but just need help and advice on specific one-off projects that would be too costly at a large firm.

Priced by the hour.

PR Services Snapshot

Messaging And Strategy


If you can't convince a reporter (or investor) of your value proposition within 30 seconds, you're going to have a hard time gaining traction. We help companies to position their offering in a way the grabs attention and helps solve their business goals.

Media Relations


You can’t bring attention to your business if you’re not being talked about in the press. And press outreach requires time and strategy. We know how to make stories compelling for media, and how to keep you in the news, on your terms.

Thought Leadership


Thought leadership is your opportunity to ensure that your ideas and perspectives are shared with the world - in your own voice. If you have things to say, we'll help you put pen to paper and get those ideas to your audience, in the right way and at the right time.

Press Materials


Writing is an art. Keeping your reader’s attention and drawing them in to what you are saying can be difficult. We will take what you want to convey and draft press releases, Op-Eds, pitches, and other public facing documents that are professional and compelling.

Crisis Communications Counsel


As Ben Franklin once said, “it takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” You need to have a plan because at any moment, you could get hacked, your technology could be stolen, you could lose your funding or even your best employees. We have experience to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Detailed Communications Plans


Like most things in life, a successful outcome requires a thoughtful plan. Without it, you run the risk of appearing disorganized and unclear. Communications plans can be big or small but the goal is the same – helping you determine what you want to say, how you will say it, where you will say it, and when. We will help you get organized so that your public image is fully buttoned up.