Public Relations and Communications Training

In addition to ongoing consulting, we also offer a proprietary public relations training program called Sway Training.

Here's why. Public Relations is an area of vital importance, which many people don’t have training or experience in — or even fully understand. With Sway, we teach vital skills that empower companies and individuals to captivate the public and master stakeholder perception.

Sway Training


What is Sway?

Sway is a comprehensive training platform that is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and resources required to master your public image.


Our mission is to empower companies and individuals to:

  • Create and maintain a winning public image
  • Captivate and manage opinions of stakeholders (and the broader public)
  • Master the art of public relations and storytelling 
  • Develop their unique story and tell it to audiences that matter


Here is why PR training works:

  • Helps you develop a better understanding of PR and the strategies that are involved.
  • Deepens your communications knowledge to ensure positive market reception.
  • Helps identify what to look for when hiring staff or external resources to assist with communications efforts.
  • Improves on the skills that are required for success in this industry.

What Do We Offer?

Strategic Communications Boot Camp

Our Public Relations and Strategic Communications Boot Camp is designed to provide participants with an in-depth overview of everything they need to know to manage their public image. This class explores what PR covers and why, how it can be best used within your marketing strategy, best practices for managing tactics and channels, appealing to different audiences, perfecting your reputation, and mastering your public image.

PR Deep Dive

Public Relations Deep Dive is the next major module and is designed for clients who have a basic understanding of PR but need help with a specific objective. This course offers participants an in-depth overview of a specific need, and is divided into three modules: Messaging, Media training, and Crisis Communications.

Professional Development

Primarily designed to help PR practitioners be more successful, this class helps clients understand the building blocks for effective corporate communications. Beyond the basics of PR and communications strategy, this course will cover the soft skills, such as writing, speaking, dining etiquette, and managing stakeholder/client expectations – which are required for success.

Custom Communications Strategies

Designed for communications professionals and executive leadership alike, these courses offer specific training for important points in time. When companies are going through a major transformational moment – such as an Initial Public Offering, launching a new product or service, M&A, and change management – it’s critical that the most important messages are communicated effectively to the marketplace.